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basics of text typography


The goal of this project was to learn how to create hierarchy. The project has three sections. The first sections aimed to create designs with hierarchy using text set in all one weight and size. The second section designs used two different weights and sizes to create hierarchy, while the final section used three different weights and sizes.


For this project I worked section by section and did not move onto the next section until I was finished. In each section I sat down and began playing with different layouts until I was satisfied with the general product. Once I felt I had a strong layout I began to make adjustments to create a sense of hierarchy. In the first section this was done simply by playing with the tracking and using placement to create hierarchy. The other sections I was able to use weight, and size along with the tracking to create hierarchy. Finally after I felt as if the hierarchy was established I was able to track and kern the paragraph to be legible.

part 1: all one weight and size

part 2: 2 different weights 2 different sizes

part 3: 3 different weights 3 different sizes  

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